Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dearest Marshanda

Dearest Marshanda,
I don't know what happened with you
Recently you are talked by everyone
About your attitude, some craziness

I don't care about this
Dearest Marshanda, please slow down
No one are free from problem
Everyone have somethimgs that's hard

You have many friends
Not only one and in your past
You get many friends
In this world

Come on, raise up
You must be proud, because you have good reputation
You must be thankful, because you have been success
Continue it, don't stop please

You are still young
Your future ways is so long
Many times for you to enjoy your success with your talent
Improve...and improve your capacity

Come on you must raise up
If you lost with your opportunity
Your rivals will laugh and happy
Please, make better your self from this situation

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