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Children in Java Tradition

In Javanese tradition we find manythings that details, sakral/pure and mistical. They all become culture heritage for Java (Yogyakarta and Solo specially). In Javanese tradition if many parents have some children with kinds such as below, they must be do a ceremony, is named ruwatan. They must take a bath with rose, jasmine flower and 5 kinds of colours again (seven colours flowers or a park flower). But they can’t do it themself, they need a man who know other world that can’t be looked by our eyes, but just with eyes of mind and heart (is like six sense). In ruwatan tradition they also include wayang shows. So, the ruwatan tradition are held together puppet shows.


The theme of wayang story in ruwatan usually tell about Batara Kala (Kala Goddes). The children who included in these kinds below must get “ruwat for their safeness. But around the time, it is just in tradition that not all people can’t hold this. Many people believe their religion so much, they believe that it don’t need to be done again. We can pray and get protection from our God. If the parents have only one son, it is named ontang anting kid. If the parents have only two son, it is named uger-uger lawang kids.


And If the parents have : three male kids, is named cukit dulit kids.

Four male kids, are named saramba kids.

five male kids are named pandhawa lima kids.

only one female kid is named unting-unting kid.

only two female kids are named kembang sepasang kids.

only three female kids are named gotong mayit kids.

If the parents have four children but they all are female, are named sarimpi kids. If the parents have five children but they all are female, are named pancagati.

If the parents have two children, boy and girl, they are named kedhana kedhini. If the parents have two chlidren, girl and boy, are named kedhini kedhana. Three children, boy - girl - son, are named sendhang kaapit pancuran. Three children, girl - boy - girl, are named pancuran kaapit sendhang.

Four children, consist boys and girls, are named keblat papat. Five children, consist sons and daughters, are named sepasar. Five children, consist four daughters and just one son are named ipil-ipil (pipilan). Five children, consist four sons and just one daughter are named padangan. Six children, consist five sons and just one daughter (youngest) are named pandhawa nyandhangi.Two children was born together are kembar. Two children, son and daughter was born together, are named dhampit. Many children, turn son then daughter, son again, then daughter again and so on, are named gilir kacang. But if many children, not in turn, can son first or daughter first born, then son again, then son again, then daughter and so on, in example, are are named lumpat kidang. Many sons and one daughter (youngest) are named grandhel. Many sons and one daughters in middle are named gendhong. Many daughters and one son in the middle are named pathok. Many children, but the number of sons more than the daughters, are named sumarak. Many children, still one is life, are named anggana.

Black all skin kid is cemani. White all skin kid is wungle or bule. Two children with different skin colour are named godhong kasih.Child was born together with risingsun is named julung kembang. Child was born at middle day is named julung sungsang. Child was born near sunset is named julungsarap. Child was born together with sunset is named julung caplok.

Children was born in travelling, are named margana. Children was born in the war, are named wuyungan. Children was born when their mother are in the vehicle, are named wahana. Children was born before their time, are named jempina. Children was born without father are named yatim. Children was no father and mother are named lola. Child was born, but its mum dead, are named konduran.

ruwat-bayi.jpg ruwat-bayi2.jpg

Child who was born with very very curly hair, is like hawaian, named bocah gimbal. This child is also sukerta human, who must cleaned by ruwatan ceremony, it hope the human will never get badness in the life.(ekosuryanti wordpress)

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